I have been a slack ass when it pertains to my writing. There has been so much activity, most of which is nothing I’d ask for. A lot of doctors appointments, a lot of fighting with the VA, trying to sort out where we will be and when our next adventure begins. The adventure is the good part and I think its time to really start sharing, to start living out everything we dream of and stop being hesitant.

I’d like to have a cool, free-spirited reason for making a new blog, but the truth is…I can’t for the life of me remember my email or password for the old one. This is a most embarrassing side effect of (what they tell me) is Fibromyalgia. I detest having that diagnosis, because it is something I’ve always associated with the morbidly obese or the dramatic. It’s quite humbling now when the ‘fog’ takes over and my short term memory goes to shit. I can recall every detail of conversations from twenty years ago, but I can’t remember where I left my phone, I leave the house without my glasses every fucking day, I forget appointments to the point where my husband has to keep track for me, I forget if I took my meds and only know once I start hurting, I forget what I go to the store for (lists are my friend), I have to turn around to make sure I closed the garage, etc. It sounds like a lot of bitching, and I don’t mean it to be…I know a lot of people do these things and I just wish I could do it with a normal person’s frequency.

I’ve had my brain scanned and everything looks to be in order but, there is something here that slows me down, makes me lose track of time and provides me with trigger point pain. My physical therapist is a godsend and she beats my ass every week, I am eternally grateful for her understanding and attempts to provide me with relief.

The big changes are coming. We have decided to move up north, within the state, to a cooler climate. After trying every strange method to correct my migraines, the last remaining factor is the heat. Both of us want to live a slower life, a life immersed in nature and healing. We are downsizing and deciding to give our children a life connected to the outdoors with the hope of raising them to be self-sufficient and see the bigger picture. To escape the asphalt jungle, the self-involved and the ugliness of suburbia.

This wasn’t plan A, moving to Costa Rica…but, it’s a solid secondary plan and I am looking forward to sharing it. It should give my family a nice in-between transition before moving to the remote rainforest. That will happen too, just need to be patient.